to fr. Angelos Saad, hegomen of the Coptic Orthodox Church regarding the future of the Monastery

Hegomen Angelos Saad
Church of Virgin Mary and St. Athanasius
1245 Eglinton Ave. West ,
Mississauga , Ontario , Canada
L5V 2M4

Dear Father Angelos Saad,

We, the undersigned, were recently informed that your Coptic Orthodox Church is in the process of finalizing the purchase of The Mother of God Monastery in Orangeville , Ontario .

 As members of the Ukrainian Community, together with our families and many others, we are deeply moved and distraught at this very sad news.

We join other members of the Ukrainian Community, who are convinced that this Holy ground, this Shrine has a priceless spiritual value beyond any material dollar price.

We do not ask you to reconsider your purchase of the Monastery lands, but rather to consider that we, the many faithful, who rely on the spiritual guidance, gained from worshipping at the Monastery, will be spiritually poorer if we cannot use the Monastery facilities as we have used them in the past and continue to do so to date.

Join us in our prayers, that a resolution can be found to this dilemma.



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